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Shenzhen Better Display Co,.Ltd

GeneralManager: Lisa Lei

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Detailed display of
Jun 24, 2016

Electronic (IT) categories: mobile phone holder acrylic, acrylic frame USB, MP3 / MP4 display rack, plexiglass VCD display rack, display rack digital cameras, notebook-computer exhibition, the camera display rack, ACRYLIC utilizing a Decoration frame. Battery boxes, image display counters, concession counters and the like.

Decoration categories: plexiglass accessories, property signs, billboards, image licensing, tissue boxes and so on.

Liquor tobacco: tobacco planes, plastic cigarette case, wine, wine, acrylic drinks license, 1.30 Taiwan card, alcohol and tobacco concession counters and the like.

Supplies display categories: information planes, Bijia, shoe racks, frames, watches exhibition stands, business cards, stationery holder, acrylic desk calendar and so on.

F-goods categories: cosmetic skin care products display rack, jewelry boxes, jewelry props, jewelry exhibition, image Monopoly Showcase.

Boutique: phase, with fish tanks, like planes, kits, paperweight, exhibition boxes, distribution license.

Crystal Crafts categories: crystal trophy, crystal model, crystal engraving, crystal ornaments.

Crystal Polystyrene categories: Jingjiao Crafts, containing authentic products.

Organic rotating display: display rack is a kind of showcase for watches, jewelry, boutique, phone, MP3, communications facilities, the center of a display tube, from top to bottom and can be equipped with a light, can demonstrate the full range of products Characteristics. Beautiful style, elegant, and good decorative effect, organic rotating display stand so that products play an extraordinary charm.