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A Brief Introduction To The Display Of Display Cabinet
Jun 19, 2017

A brief introduction to the display of Display Cabinet
Display cabinet display is also very particular about, if the showcase display a reasonable way, then it will greatly promote the sales of goods, will also facilitate the user's choice. Certainly there will be a lot of users for the display of Anhui display cabinet is not very understanding, then Xiaobian to give you a simple introduction to the display cabinet display.
First, Anhui display cabinet arrangement method
1. Display cabinet display method vertical arrangement method: each commodity will be with the line of sight and other high position, according to the size of the product packaging to do the most effective use of space, greatly improve the space utilization is also very important, through the vertical arrangement method can be very good To solve this problem.

2, display cabinet display method Horizontal arrangement method: only a commodity can have a high position with the line of sight, easy to cause confusion of the display surface, can not make appropriate adjustments in accordance with the size of the package. Easily lead to waste of space, of course, if the book for the mall or need to use this method, can be a good product for a display, to promote sales.
Second, the display cabinet card effect
In the display cabinet display with the card effect will be better, to be good at using the display cabinet card with the merchandise display, to promote sales increased. The effect of different cards is shown below.
(1) advertising letter sign card: advertising message + brand
(2) product identification mark card: brand + interest points
(3) complete information sign card: brand + interest point ten price
(4) medium number of cards: such as more money specials
(5) price information card: original price, special
Display cabinet system flat
1. Closed style can use the drawer display cabinet to store different sizes, different models of materials or products.
2. A large number of Display Cabinet are mainly used in the machinery industry, in the machinery industry for the placement and storage of parts.
3. In some industry products, we can because of the high management of the display cabinet to the overall management, which can greatly improve the efficiency of the industry and save a lot of staff in the cargo management time and improve efficiency.
4. Most Display Cabinet can be easily used with soap and water, so the minimum care needs to be cleaned by the warehouse.
5. The life of the display cabinet is still very long, in the display cabinet industry, the quality of the display cabinet represents the life of the display cabinet, for some new Display Cabinet are the same, different materials showcase, the performance is different of.