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Acrylic Jewelry Display Surface Features
Jul 04, 2017

Acrylic Jewelry Display surface features

The yakeli display frame is a kind of special material, the handicraft made by it is also kaleidoscopic, the elaborate don't discuss. If it is possible for many people to know it, we often see it as a finished product. In our words, acrylic is plexiglass. Organic glass products are very extensive, so there is important progress in understanding the properties and properties of glass surfaces. The interaction between the surface and environmental factors of the Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf is a science worthy of our research.

Acrylic Jewelry Display stand is our most common yakeli reveal frame, its surface is composed of containing various structure and complex components, the composition of the matrix, and the process of solvent system, furnace and annealing furnace atmosphere of process variables, and the experience of environment and so on, have an impact on a given Acrylic Jewelry Display composition structure and the relationship between physics and chemical properties. In strict terms, it is easy to clarify the characteristics of the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame, but it is difficult to be perfect. This is because of the kinetic properties and their experiences related to the structure of the glass.

Features on the surface of the Acrylic Jewelry Display stand as it is difficult for the second time on the surface of the substrate experience and with experience to clarify, for example, are using float in the production of Acrylic Jewelry Display stand, its characteristics and forming on the surface to prevent in the tin bath which side, and the atmosphere of the annealing furnace, storage conditions, and installation for use with Acrylic Jewelry Display stand side of exposure and atmospheric wind side of or control of the internal environment, in addition, also related to the climate and the cleaning process.

In order to deepen the understanding of physical chemistry on the surface of the Acrylic Jewelry Display rack, when system experiments, must minimize acrylic glass, have to do the analysis of the surface structure and its composition, so far, many researchers are using this method in the experiment.

In recent years, the counter has developed and improved greatly, which is mainly beneficial to market competition and more mature. Enterprises pay more attention to shaping the results of brand image. But across the department stores or at shopping centres, there are many different levels of international standards. The main reason is that the department store counter design lacks the overall planning design and the standard requirements of the specialization. This problem is due to the lack of professional commercial counter design companies and talents in our country, as well as the lack of specific guidance of professional companies in the design planning of commercial enterprises in shopping malls. Therefore, there are more imitations in the decoration planning and counter design of the shopping mall, while the design company's internal demand for the operation, management and marketing of the shopping mall is lack of systematic professional understanding and research. Thus, the homogenization of the visual space of many shopping malls, the counter and props lack practicality, artistic, economic, security and humanized functional requirements.


An Acrylic Jewelry Display rack is a container for displaying items. The colors are gold, white, matte, black, grey, etc. Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf well-presented, firm structure, easy tear open outfit, transportation is convenient, widely used in the exhibition hall, exhibition, department stores, advertising, etc., in the arts and crafts, gifts, jewelry, cell phone, glasses, watches and clocks, alcohol and tobacco, cosmetics and other industries widely used. Right?

The display cabinet that relies on the wall is not transparent board, can choose the same color as cabinet body appearance, white or mirror. Top can install lamp box, the lamp in the cabinet can choose fluorescent lamp, shoot light, top carry light box. Height, width, length can be adjusted according to use. Square Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf for four edges commonly pervious to light glass, suit to display jewelry, jewelry, watches, mobile phones and other small items, also can be an Acrylic Jewelry Display for displaying their gifts, handicrafts, electronic products, pen, such as alcohol and tobacco are large goods.