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Classification Of Acrylic Jewelry Display From Suitability And Appearance Characteristics
Jul 12, 2017

Classification of Acrylic Jewelry Display from suitability and appearance characteristics

Gravity-Acrylic Jewelry Displayy frame: it is not necessary to operate the channel, so it increases the space utilization by 60%. The pallet operation follows the principle of advanced first out; Automatic storage rotation; The separation of storage and picking of two actions greatly increases the output, since gravity causes the cargo to slide, and there is no operating channel, so the number of transportation routes and forklifts is reduced. In the channel of the Acrylic Jewelry Display each layer is equipped with a certain slope and track guide. The unit cargo in the warehouse is under the action of gravity, and the incoming terminal flows into the outbound terminal. Such a warehouse, there is no operation channel between row and row, greatly improved the warehouse area utilization rate. But when used, the goods at the same level and on the same floor shall be the same goods or the goods at the same time in the warehouse and out of the warehouse. It can be adjustable with various types of forklift or stacker, which can realize the quick access of various pallets, and the maximum load of unit can reach 5000kg, which is the most commonly used storage method in all walks of life.

High - level Acrylic Jewelry Display

High position Acrylic Jewelry Display: the technical system is introduced from Germany, with good assembly, high bearing capacity and strong stability. Acrylic Jewelry Display using cold and hot steel.

Loft type Acrylic Jewelry Display: suitable for a wide range of limited variety of fields, with a small amount of available space, it can increase the utilization rate several times on the existing site, which can be used in conjunction with the lift operation. Whole combination structure, special light steel floor board, low cost, quick construction. According to the actual site and the need, flexible design of the second floor, multi-layer, full use of space.

Gallery Acrylic Jewelry Display: designed to store a large number of similar pallets. One by one, the tray is stored in a depth direction on the support guide, increasing the storage density and improving the space utilization. This Acrylic Jewelry Display is usually used in expensive storage space such as refrigerated storage. There are four basic components: frame, guide rail support, tray guide rail and inclined pull rod, etc. This kind of Acrylic Jewelry Display warehouse has high utilization rate, can achieve advanced first out, or advanced after. Suitable for storing large quantity, less variety of goods, batch jobs. The minimum available space provides the maximum amount of storage. It is suitable for large quantity and less variety of goods storage operation. The forklift can enter into the cargo passage directly to access the goods, the operation is extremely convenient. Mechanical equipment requirements: the characteristics of anti-balance forklift or Acrylic Jewelry Display of high - level machine: suitable for low stock flow storage; Availability of 20% - 30% optional; The warehouse for the lower cargo rate; Ground usage: 60%, high (depending on the above design).

Beam Acrylic Jewelry Displayy shelf: it is the most popular and economical kind of yakeli display frame form, safe and convenient, suitable for all kinds of warehouse, direct access goods. It is the simplest and most widely used Acrylic Jewelry Display. Make full use of space. The convenient pallet access method can effectively cooperate with forklift loading and unloading and greatly improve the efficiency of operation. Mechanical equipment requirements: counterbalanced forklifts or stacking machines. The high machine can improve the utilization rate of ground space by 30% and operate at a height of more than 16 meters. The characteristics of beam type Acrylic Jewelry Display: smooth inventory turnover; Can provide 100 percent of the ability to select; Increase average pick-up rate; Provide quality product protection; Ground usage: 31%, low (depending on the above design).

Cantilever Acrylic Jewelry Display: suitable for storing long and irregular goods. Forward cantilever has light structure, good load capacity, and the length of the deposit is irregular or more special material, can greatly improve the efficiency of the utilization of warehouse and work. After adding the shelf, it is especially suitable for small space, low storage, convenient management and wide field of view, which is more efficient than the ordinary shelf yakeli display frame.