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Custom Kitchen And Toilet Display Stand Need To Pay Attention To Three Aspects
Sep 13, 2017

Custom kitchen and toilet Display Stand need to pay attention to three aspects
    Sometimes finished kitchen and toilet Display Stand is not what they need, and then need to be customized according to their own needs. But the kitchen and toilet display manufacturers of professional designers to remind you friends, in the custom must pay attention to these three aspects.
      1, the construction of the hardware parts of the showcase: In order to place the items in order, it is necessary to use some hardware accessories to achieve the purpose, such as suitable for corner cabinets placed rotating discs, push-pull lockers and so on.
      2, the attitude of everything, the details determine the success or failure: the general quality of the design of the exhibition cover edge is very clean and solid, especially some large manufacturers, they use modern equipment, high temperature and high pressure edge. Waterproof is also very good.
      3, pay attention to the environmental protection of materials: display material environmental protection is very important, mainly in the use of plates, countertops and edge of the adhesive. And which need to use the plate of formaldehyde emission standards of the man-made sheet, and the table to the fire board and artificial stone for the better choice.
General shopping malls do activities will be in a prominent position to display some Display Stand, this display is not free to put, but there are basis, intentionally placed. So for the kitchen and toilet Display Stand, when placed in the four points can have unexpected results.
First show to be novel and unique, display enough novel, will certainly be the first time firmly attracted visitors, and further trigger their interest in the visit. Showers in the choice of props, in addition to consider the brand image, the overall environment of the exhibition hall, but also should consider the brand or other factors of the product.
Second, we will have to consider whether the activities of the lot are in line with the positioning of the branded products.
And then there is the lighting arrangement, the lighting layout to a large extent highlights the characteristics of brand products, how to use light to contrast the overall environment, in order to achieve the integration of products and the entire exhibition environment, the need for professional lighting division to arrange different effects.
The last point is the kitchen and toilet Display Stand and decoration design to coordinate the exhibition hall decoration layout, on the one hand and the brand image and consistent, and the brand display cabinet and decoration also have a harmonious and unified feeling. On the other hand, but also in the traditional thinking on a breakthrough. Through subtle details of the place, to attract consumers to stop and wait and see.
Now is an Internet era, especially online shopping is a favorite of young people shopping. Online products are very rich, want to have everything, but also much cheaper than the physical store, so more and more people like to buy some large home appliances, such as home appliances. Then the kitchen Display Stand can not online shopping it? How about online shopping?
First of all, we can go to the Internet to search the kitchen Display Stand, if it is suitable for online purchase, then there is a lot of such products on the shop. Then we go to the shop to see the type of such products there are prices, sales and some of the seller's comments on it. Product sales to a certain extent, reflects the quality of the product, only the quality of products ordered more people will be more. We all want to buy inexpensive products, we can shop more than three to see a few shops, compare their prices, of course, we compare the price at the same time have to look at the quality of kitchen and toilet Display Stand. In addition to our online shopping these products, but also need to choose what look like, do not choose the wrong, we must carefully carefully.