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Display Cabinet Storage Application
Jul 12, 2017

Display Cabinet storage application

Items are mainly placed in Display Cabinets except for stacking. The main Display Cabinets used in the library (area) are mainly of the following types: floor frame, floor frame divided into open type and closed, single sided and double-sided structure; Layer lattice; Drawer type and cabinet Display Cabinet; Regulatory Display Cabinet; Assembly Display Cabinet; Activity Display Cabinet (mobile Display Cabinet) etc.

Within the reservoir, reveal ark into double line arrangement should be back to back, with the main vertical, single-line Display Cabinet can be placed on the firewall, should also consider the distribution of article, such as the stock of the faster moving items should be on delivery area nearby, slow turnover on the rolls more distant regions. Reveal ark logo should be on all the various display counter to the ends of the channel, in order to showing all reveal ark number and type of storage materials, layer framework (drawer) each grid (each drawer) shall have the fixed label position. Display Cabinet items should be stored in the following order and numbered locations and leave a certain number of empty seats for use in storage of new varieties.

The number of items to be displayed depends on the variety, size and requirements of the item, and there is no need to unpack too many original boxes. In order to facilitate, the identification of scattered objects should be placed in the opening of Display Cabinet to identify. Some items that are not easily identifiable can be retained in the grid to help identify a complete set of samples. The utilization rate of Display Cabinet is up to 75%, which is to say that the size of the Display Cabinet should be adjusted if it is below this standard.

Arrangement of goods generally have a Belgian, inline and hybrid three, so-called open-train, crib is goods or display ark and storehouses of parallel wide, if goods crib or display ark and wide vertical arrangement of warehouse, is inline, both, for the hybrid. Trays in the aspect of the length and width to and warehouse into multiple of reducible, in order to improve the utilization rate of warehouse area this kind of arrangement is good for the rolls of ventilation and material erosion &deposition behavior, better use of natural lighting, but the way this way, Display Cabinet more area utilization rate is low, especially when forklift operation is adopted, this arrangement would make the forklift must develop a quarter turn, inconvenience, and need enough wide channels, reducing the storage area, so when using forklift pallet storage operation, can adopt different decorate a form.

When the storage variety is more and more frequent, the pallet is as close to the channel as possible, reducing the width of the channel and shortening the distance of the forklift. If there is a large variety of items and a large number of varieties, Display Cabinet two or more columns can be deposited on each side of the channel to save the storage area. Warehouse tray available at the ends of the longitudinal horizontal (parallel to loading and unloading line), tray to vertically between the rolls, can guarantee the tray stacking solid, avoid a position two jobs at the same time, to ensure safety.

The width of the channel depends mainly on the turning radius of the forklift, the size of the goods and other factors. The width of the channel is required, and we use A for the formula: A = r-r1, r and r1 are the outer and inner circle radius of the forklift. Since the steering wheel of forklift is to slide to one side when turning, Display Cabinet the turning radius is slightly larger, and some residual amount should be added when determining the width of the channel. In order to reduce the width of the channel, make full use of the warehouse, on one side of the channel can be pallet of 30 or 45 degrees Angle, forklift for 30 degrees to only when you pick up the goods, so the channel width can be reduced by half. The warehouse with pallet storage is best equipped with the delivery yard, so that there can be used to check and arrange the goods in and out of the place. The stacking of empty pallets should be easy to use and easy to manage. Empty trays are usually placed next to the library door so as to be transported to the depot platform.

Scraps of goods can be piled up in small and small storage areas, which can be put together to fit the small pieces of goods in a tray, as close as possible to the scale, to reduce the distance of the carrying. The cargo area should be obvious and easy to find, and the cargo space is small.