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Display Manifestations Cabinet Space Transportation
Jun 24, 2016

Exhibition space to show not only the basic functions, but also has the dissemination of information, a variety of functions to negotiate the exchange and public services. Especially showcase transportation arrangements, design, and more play an important role in the exhibition. So showcase traffic space design must be based on the nature and the human factor on the basis of display space. People in motion a state visit in the exhibition space, to experience the ultimate in sports and get the feeling of space. This requires space must demonstrate this as the basis, the most reasonable way to arrange visits to the flow path of the audience, the audience in the flow, complete and economically involved in exhibition, and do not go away or less repeated the line, in particular, is not within the focus area display is repeated, so just like music melody like a smooth process in space, cadence. The entire logical design. To meet the functional at the same time, people feel unlimited fun spatial variation of charm and design.