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Display Stand Production Process To Pay Attention
Oct 13, 2017

Display Stand production process to pay attention
The Display Stand is simply an advertising vector used to attract people's attention. According to the characteristics of the Display Stand, 100 US design and match the product promotion boutique Display Stand, coupled with the creative LOGO signs, so that the product eye-catching show in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of advertising products, so by this Favored, boutique display features: beautiful appearance, solid structure, assembly free, easy disassembly, easy transportation. And fine Display Stand beautiful style, elegant, and a good decorative effect, boutique Display Stand to make the product to play a different charm.
On the display frame production has a lot of details need attention, its appearance is a direct impact on the goods in the minds of consumers in the location and value. In fact, the production of the Display Stand only a few points need attention:
① the authenticity of the display frame production in order to maximize the attract, attract customers, we must give full play to the designer's creative ability and rich imagination, to create a new aesthetic image of innovation
② the sense of the times and national style; in essence, it embodies the evolution of history and human society progress. Therefore, as a display of goods and consumers between the display of the media is bound to have a distinctive feature of the times
③ the concept of the environment; the use of the land is mainly resort to the human visual, auditory feelings, it is the place of people's activities - the environment is closely linked. At the same time, it also constitutes an important aspect of urban cultural landscape, so we must fully emphasize its environmental concept
④ intuitive aesthetic effect; thus, "the shortest time and the largest amount of information" has become a modern Display Stand production to solve the major issues. Psychological research shows that the "intuition" aesthetic effect emphasizes the instantaneous observation, is in the past experience, the premise of reason, the intuition of the essence of things.
⑤ display of auxiliary facilities; display activities used by the instrument is used to place, cover, support, hanging, posting exhibits of the equipment, such as exhibition, booth, display panels, Display Stand.
⑥ the basic rules of counter production.
Products produced from the factory, the need to flow to the major shopping malls to sell, this time the product Display Stand on the play. Display Stand manufacturers will be based on the characteristics of the product, designed to match the product Display Stand, coupled with a creative LOGO signs, so that the product eye-catching show in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of advertising products. Juyuan display and a lot of brand exchanges, a good product display of the product sales really important. Product Display Stand can show the full range of product features; rich accessories, and each component can be flexible installation, a variety of colors, professional designers superb design.
The level of cost is the most unacceptable factor. The cost here is mainly refers to labor costs and material costs. With the current economic level, labor costs in the current production of the proportion of more and more workers, workers rising wages are also destined to produce the distribution of labor costs of labor. In the material, different drawings size and material requirements need to use different hardware, lamps, decoration and production of structural materials, the difference between the material also caused the price difference between finished products.
The cost factors that affect the price of the Display Stand mainly include installation and transportation costs. In the mall to install the display is usually running with the time, the installation of workers to install the work very time-consuming and laborious, not a few hundred dollars to install the cost is not come, to catch those complex design, installation of complex display of its installation fee is expensive The Display Stands from the manufacturers to the business stores are generally to go through the transport of goods, logistics costs can not be avoided, as to the level of the difference between the area.