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Factors That Affect The Price Of Kitchen And Toilet Display Cabinet
Aug 23, 2017

Factors that affect the price of kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet
Different kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet manufacturers, kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet product prices are different, then what are the factors affecting it?
First, the kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet material is the most important factor in determining the quality of the Display Cabinet, the display of the material on the market are MDF, solid wood board, Daixinban, particleboard, different materials showcase its performance price is different, MDF high flatness, the price is real, cost-effective; solid wood board durable, natural lines, with good hygroscopicity and permeability, but the price is high. Second, the different lighting prices will be different, lights have LED lights, halogen lamps, cold light source, warm lights. One LED lights with energy saving, long life, security, etc., the most used.
Kitchen Display Cabinet with a variety of colors, styles vary, according to the needs and location of the ground, personal aesthetic requirements of manufacturers custom.
We use kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet manufacturer's products, you can better highlight the characteristics of kitchen and toilet supplies, but also more attractive attention.
General high-quality kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet, are made of titanium alloy with high-density combination of high-density board, tempered glass or plexiglass with high-grade hardware accessories, titanium alloy showcase is not easy to rust, soft color, strength and flexibility Never fade. In the structure, high-quality kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet structure is stable, easy disassembly, according to the engineering design principle, the internal structure of a solid, stable and have a better load-bearing, simple demolition. In the thickness, high-quality kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet material thickness, high hardness, transportation and use of the process will not appear deformation, Diaoqi and scratches.
There is, titanium alloy kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet waterproof, moisture, mildew, easy cleaning and maintenance, and wood mold, density board is very easy in the wet environment, moldy deformation.
Some manufacturers are solid wood products, and for this material Display Cabinet, we should pay attention to moisture and corrosion problems.
In the Display Cabinet brush paint, we must not let the Display Cabinet sun exposure, but also pay attention to the Display Cabinet paint, the bottom of the paint separated by a long time, if found that the paint surface blistering, it is necessary to re-polish, Paint the paint from the new paint. In the case of paint, try to add some easy to dry and those easy to evaporate high temperature materials. In the usual time, you can sprinkle some lime or some desiccant, but also effective moisture, and just install the Display Cabinet, it is best in the showcase of each pad a tile, so that can play Moisture effect.
In the transport process, try to choose in the morning or evening cooler time for delivery, do not in the sun is very strong time for delivery, so as to avoid the showcases by the sun sun exposure.
Kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet manufacturers suggest that we in the kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet application process, we should pay attention to its timely cleaning.
Sometimes with a water rag to wipe the kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet, it will inevitably leave some watermark, this will affect its display effect, so be sure to clear. You can shop in the watermark on a clean damp cloth, and then use the iron in the above with a lower temperature ironing, so that will allow the moisture into the film evaporate out, so that the watermark disappeared. It should be noted that the use of the rag can not be too thin, the temperature of the iron can not be transferred too high, otherwise it appears on the surface of the watermark, but that brand is not removed.
Hope that the above-mentioned method can be helpful to everyone, in order to use a longer time.