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Flowable Commercial Space Showcase Profile
Jun 24, 2016

Flow space is divided into two categories, one virtual space flows, changes in space, so that space becomes space be a fluid, the second is realistic display cabinets spatial mobility, such as rotate the entire hall, all the closer since to do good publicity. By means of the formation of a high-tech imaging and other people feel inside the shuttle, as if in space to roam, mobile advertising advertising vehicles, which are closer to the concept of making exhibits and played better publicity.

Modern show display should be abolished previous practice single display products, must have exhibition space is: commodity space, such as counters display cabinets, windows, shelves display cabinets, and the third is the customer space. Distinctive, in color, in order to complete the humane space, it will be platform; the second is the service space: mobilization of all factors that could fit the entire exhibition space, as far as possible in the design ingenuity and strive lighting, decorative techniques in layout will show display life and humanity, of the scene, the audience on the visit to promote hands-on way to experience and actively participate in the activities interact, you can also set up reception room in the exhibition area, lounge, or small gifts to send brochures and other flexible services, so that the entire display case space and complete the process, people feel not just look at merchandise on display but as a pleasure.