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Hood Hood With Acrylic Jewelry Display Stand Installation Attention Knowledge
Aug 23, 2017

Hood hood with Acrylic Jewelry Display stand installation attention knowledge
When installing the hood with an Acrylic Jewelry Display stand, we have to be ready to install the drawings and tools to read the installation drawings carefully before installing.
After unpacking the parts of the acrylic hood, it is best not to be confused. If the parts are similar, the drawings will draw a comparison map of the size of the objects. The parts are not forked. It is very easy to distinguish the various parts The The installation of screws, eccentric parts, wooden shaft of the place, will open a good guide hole, parts of the positioning problem do not worry, but should be careful not to occur on the wrong parts and then repeated the situation, or easy to damage the plate, the installation will often appear Instability, tilt and so on.
Showcase furniture is generally installed by the bottom or side of the side of the installation side, in the hardware when the first check whether there are small doors and other equipment must first be installed small, pay attention to whether the size of the drawer, hypotenuse, to avoid confusion when installed, Also can not be missed cork, magnetic touch and wood, etc., affecting product quality.
In the process of making the Acrylic Jewelry Display stand in the hood, the last step is the painting process, which is to ensure the aesthetics of the hood's Acrylic Jewelry Display.
First of all, the use of plaster to fill the whole section of the nail section of the wood, the interface gap and other recesses, such as the depression is too much should be returned to the wood section to do the technical treatment; to be ash after drying with pig blood filled cabinet, Attention must not be missed. Then, for the Acrylic Jewelry Display stand as a whole using a manual spray white primer, so that the cabinet and the outside world, there is moisture, to avoid the cabinet paint phenomenon, to ensure that the late finish more shiny, full. Again, is to be dry after the paint into the polished, with 240 # sandpaper flat cabinet on it.
Also need to pay attention to the paint room to ensure clean and isolated from the outside, so that the hood with Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf without sagging, no particles, glossy glossy, feel good and so on.
In the design of the hood with Acrylic Jewelry Display stand, symmetry and balance is a very important issue, here we come to look at:
Symmetry refers to the opposite of the two sides in the shape, size, distance, arrangement and other aspects of the same. If the symmetry balance can be arranged in an orderly manner, the transmission of consistent visual effects, first to determine the center, and then symmetrical arrangement on both sides, although the symmetry design in the display design is widely used, but it makes people in the line of sight in the Symmetry axis on both sides of repeated viewing, easy to produce monotonous feeling. The real meaning of balance is to stabilize the things that are not symmetrical.
And asymmetric balance is not the axis or point as the center, in space, quantity, spacing, distance is not equal, even in some relations is opposed.
Now a lot of people in the use of hoods with Acrylic Jewelry Display stand, will choose to customize, this is because it has a lot of benefits.
In custom hoods with Acrylic Jewelry Display stand, we can make their own selection, so the quality can be more assured, and all the custom showcase has a complete renderings and construction drawings. Custom hoods with Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf also has a certain degree of uniqueness, for the store brand of business, their brand culture will be integrated in the design, bid farewell to the public, show the uniqueness of the shop, custom showcase can meet their shop Style design.
In addition, custom hoods with Acrylic Jewelry Display rack price is also more affordable, compared to the price of finished products showcase, higher than the custom showcase.