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How Does Iron Display Tray Use Life To Extend Life?
Oct 13, 2017

How does Iron Display Tray use life to extend life?
Iron Display Tray's maintenance Iron Display Tray has its durable and durable features. In general, the daily wear and tear can make it more reveal the antique charm, but this is not to say that the Iron Display Tray without maintenance. Iron Display Tray because of its material and the specificity of the process, determines its maintenance and maintenance also has a special place:
First, the outdoor iron Display Tray
Outdoor iron Display Tray in the selection of materials required to do rust, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-exposure and so on. Generally speaking, in the production process manufacturers have taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, so users only need to look for the well-known manufacturers, do not covet cheap to buy some quality unqualified on the line. But the following points must be done:
1. dust removal
Outdoor dust a lot, a long time, Display Tray surface will have a layer of dust. It will affect the Display Tray effect, a long time will lead to Display Tray on the protective film damage. So the outdoor iron Display Tray should be wiped regularly, usually with a soft cotton fabric wipe as well.
2. moisture.
North, you can rest assured that the iron display Tray rust. In the foggy weather, with a dry cotton cloth to eliminate the water on the Display Tray; rainy days, should be stopped after the rain in time to dry the water can. South Select Display Tray must pay attention to the choice of steel models.
Second, the indoor iron Display Tray
1. Avoid bumps.
This is the first time to buy the iron Display Tray to pay attention to the point, Display Tray in the handling process should be careful; placed Display Tray place should be hard to meet the place; place once selected Should not be frequent changes; placed Display Tray's ground should also be flat, so that the Display Tray four legs stable, if shaken instability, the time will make Display Tray slight deformation, affecting the Display Tray's life.
2. Clean dust.
It is best to use cotton knitwear for the rag, wipe the surface of Display Tray. Note the dust on the depressions and reliefs on the Display Tray.
3. away from the acid and alkali.
Iron is corrosive to iron is the iron display Tray "number one killer". (Such as sulfuric acid, vinegar), alkali (such as alkali, soapy water, soda water), should immediately use the water to clean the sewage, and then dry with dry cotton cloth.
4. Keep away from the sun.
Display Tray placed the location, it is best to avoid the direct sunlight outside the window. Iron Display Tray for a long time to withstand the sun, will make paint color discoloration; color paint layer of dry peeling off, metal oxidation deterioration. If you can not move the Display Tray in a strong sunshine, you can use curtains or shutters to block it.
5. Isolate moisture.
Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. Display Tray should be away from the humidifier, moisture will make the metal rust, chrome plating and so on. Display Tray cleaning, avoid drinking water wash Display Tray, can be wiped with a damp cloth, but do not rinse with water.
6. Eliminate rust.
If the Display Tray is rusted, do not make it polished with sandpaper. Rust less shallow, cotton yarn can be dipped in oil applied to the rust, wait a moment, with a cloth wipe can eliminate rust. If the rust has been expanded to become heavy, you should ask the technical staff to repair.
In short, as long as the master of the maintenance of common sense, pay attention to the protection of iron in daily life Display Tray, will be able to extend its life, so that you carefully selected iron art to accompany you for a long time.