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How The Acrylic Frame Is Bent
Jun 06, 2017

Acrylic Jewelry Display Acrylic display rack is how to bend? An acrylic display of the production process, can be said to be a system of work, is a lot of processes to form a beautiful acrylic display stand. Acrylic display frame In order to make some good shape, there are often some places need to bend, some have curvature of the bend, some are directly bent into a certain angle. So, how is the acrylic showcase bent?

  Acrylic bending, also known as hot-bending processing, refers to the high temperature oven to bake until the softening of acrylic, and then placed on the curvature of the mold on the bend shape, to be cooled after the shape. Acrylic display of the bending process are produced in the top of the bending machine.

  Acrylic Jewelry Display In the bending process need to pay attention to is that the hot parts must be identified, in strict accordance with the size of the drawings, and pay attention to the heating process to ensure that the heating parts of the heat evenly, so that the way out to be beautiful, accurate. Our factory is carrying out the hot-bending process, because it is the whole Rewan, to use the oven, the acrylic material and mold together into the oven, when reached a certain temperature is attached to the mold in the mold.

  Acrylic Jewelry Display Through the above description, we are on the acrylic display is how to bend a certain understanding of the. In addition, Jinhui show also remind you that if the improper operation in the bend, not only can not achieve the desired effect, but also produce tilted deformation. There is not only caused by the distortion of materials and working hours of waste, serious and even cause the product to be scrapped, so also pay attention to bending processing operations, to avoid problems.