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How To Improve The Heat Resistance Of Acrylic Jewelry Display?
Sep 05, 2017

How to improve the heat resistance of Acrylic Jewelry Display?
We know that the Acrylic Jewelry Display of the sensitivity of the temperature is very strong, if the case of high temperatures, the Acrylic Jewelry Display may be deformed, and some Acrylic Jewelry Display may be placed outdoors, or lifted to high temperatures, then how to improve the acrylic Is the heat resistance of the display stand?
In fact, there are many ways to improve the heat resistance of acrylic, each method also has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some methods to improve the acrylic heat, maintain transparency at the same time, will make other performance. In order to improve the heat resistance and other properties of the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame, it is sometimes necessary to use a variety of improved methods simultaneously.
Such as copolymerization, PhMI's main role is to improve the heat resistance, MAA's main role is to improve the refractive index, so that PhMI-based monomer, MAA for the sub-monomer, the resulting copolymer not only improve heat resistance, MMA-PhMI-NMA copolymer Vicat softening point temperature of 137 ℃, water absorption rate of about 25% lower than the PMMA, the other is a high degree of heat resistance and low moisture absorption. Performance and PMMA similar.
There are still a lot of materials scholars continue to work hard, hoping to develop a high-performance Acrylic Jewelry Display, thereby expanding its application to improve the economic benefits of Acrylic Jewelry Display, we also look forward to, if the need for Acrylic Jewelry Display friends can with us contact.
Acrylic Jewelry Display is the current mall supermarkets and many enterprises preferred product display props, is mainly used in the design of the acrylic board designed for display products dedicated display stand.
Acrylic material with easy processing, good light transmission, good visual effects and other characteristics, the use of acrylic sheet production of Acrylic Jewelry Display frame beautiful appearance, crystal clear, in the product display can effectively improve the product display grade, highlighting the product brand image, thus Get a good eye attention. Therefore, the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display rack is growing, especially in cosmetics, jewelery, digital products, watches and other fields of glasses is widely used.
However, the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display in the process, because some users do not understand the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display of the relevant knowledge, to a certain extent, the impact of the display of Acrylic Jewelry Display display, exquisite display based on years of Acrylic Jewelry Display design experience, Summed up the following points to analyze the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display Note.
First, the acrylic plate of hot and cold expansion coefficient is very large, in the excessive cold or heat, the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame will be a large deformation, so in the design of Acrylic Jewelry Display and daily use should pay attention to the ambient temperature on the Acrylic Jewelry Display Thermal expansion and contraction of the impact, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction caused by the display frame damage.
Is to clean the Acrylic Jewelry Display to try to use the concentration of about 1% of the soapy water, the concentration is too high or the use of special cleaning agent will hurt the Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf surface, reduce the display surface gloss, affecting visual effects. At the same time, pay attention to clean the use of soft hair is not easy hair loss, avoid the use of hard objects or dry wipe, to prevent the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame surface was scratched.
Is the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display in the use of attention should not be exposed to organic solvents. Because the acrylic sheet of acrylic raw material is itself an organic compound, organic solvents can cause damage to the Acrylic Jewelry Display. In daily life, the most common organic solvents include coatings, adhesives, paints and cleaning agents and other items, similar to such products in use to pay special attention away from the Acrylic Jewelry Display.
In addition, in order to ensure that the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame surface is smooth, in the transport and installation process should also be careful not to surface protective film or protective paper scrape, to avoid surface scratches.