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How To Prevent Damage To The Kitchen And Toilet Display Cabinet
Sep 13, 2017

How to prevent damage to the kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet
    Kitchen manufacturers show that we, for the Display Cabinet cleaning and maintenance is necessary, the following we come to understand the relevant knowledge.
    It is not only impossible to effectively remove the dust accumulated on the surface of the Display Cabinet, but also can not remove the silica sand particles before the cleaning, and because of the fact that the cleaning products such as soap and water, detergent or water are used to clean the Display Cabinet, soapy water and detergent. They have a certain corrosive, which will damage the Display Cabinet surface, so that the Display Cabinet of the paint becomes bleak. Do not use coarse cloth or no longer wear old clothes when wiping the Display Cabinet. Coarse cloth, wired cloth or suture, buttons, etc. will cause the Display Cabinet surface scratched old clothes, it should try to avoid use, it is best to use towels, cotton, cotton or flannel and other absorbent cloth Rub the Display Cabinet.
    It should also be careful not to use a dry cloth to wipe the dust on the surface of the Display Cabinet. Dust is made up of fibers, sand and silicas. Many people are accustomed to using a dry rag to clean the surface of the Display Cabinet. In fact, these fine particles rub back and forth , Has been damaged in the Display Cabinet paint.
 In the process of the product will certainly be a lot of problems, But must first understand why there will be pungent smell, and then find a way to solve.
    Manufacturers tell you that the appearance of pungent smell comes from two aspects, one is the quality of the paint itself, the other is the quality of MDF.
    First talk about paint, paint in the first use, must be diluted with diluent to use, and it is this process some of the key steps can reduce the paint damage. What should i do? It is we use the best quality of the dilution will be able to control good damage. Just the best thinner expensive, so many Display Cabinet manufacturers discouraged. Of course, this can not be the responsibility to push the manufacturers, not to appear poor products mainly depends on both manufacturers and customers, manufacturers of conscience and customer focus on product quality or product prices, both sides have to sacrifice some of the benefits and make some concessions.
    Talk about MDF, we all know that formaldehyde, with it will appear unpleasant smell of pungent, mainly because the binder in the formaldehyde and sheet production is not up to standard, poor plate will let formaldehyde volatilize, so you Will smell the pungent smell. Then how to control the MDF does not appear smell, of course, or from the quality of the product itself to find the reasons. In the end what is the choice of manufacturers of poor plate it, of course, the price, to eradicate this phenomenon depends on the manufacturers conscience and customer understanding and concessions.
    If you are using the paint cabinet is subject to pungent odor, then how should it be removed? The most important and effective way is to let the indoor air flow effectively, let it go out, open the window and open the cabinet to let the smell out. And then put some activated carbon and a plant, such as aloe, as well as onions, after the experiment is feasible.
Display Cabinet manufacturers summed up the showcase cleaning and finishing methods. From the early wooden cabinet evolved into a variety of styles and materials Display Cabinet, including: wooden cabinets, electronic cabinets, disinfection cabinet, etc., features and styles vary.
First, the site of being burnt by cigarettes, Display Cabinet such as limited to the surface of the paint layer, water can be used after the sandpaper gently wipe the stains, and then waxing.
Second, the surface scratches and not deep and wood, polish wax can be used for local direct polishing, scratches will have to use deep sandpaper grinding.
Three, such as damage has been deep wood, Display Cabinet polished should be re-painted, so that the furniture surface bright and lasting, moisture.
Fourth, the furniture hardware accessories metal handle can also be applied to polish and wipe clean, so that flexible rotation and anti-rust antioxidant.