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Image Display Forms
Jun 24, 2016

Throughout the exhibition design business activities, the general designer of the booth will be divided into three parts: the display area, the image area, and discussion areas. The purpose is to convey information display, so the business, how in the limited time and space to as much information to the audience often becomes the primary consideration. Designers should first think of how to put the company's image is passed to the target audience, so that the corporate image for the first time stamp in the minds of the target audience in. According to incomplete statistics, when a viewer stands in front of a residence more than 20s, after which he can remember a ratio of 80. So the design of the image area becomes a factor in commercial exhibition display cabinets designers and businesses throughout the exhibition are the primary consideration. It is usually designed to showcase the entire exhibition hall or the main person in the booth circulation track. Overall, the display image in the case in line with industry characteristics of enterprises, corporate image, style booth overall performance mainly in the following ways:

Independent Booth (1) surrounded by a walkway, a relatively large area, display cabinets design focus should be close to the main entrance, and hence, its four facades for the overall design, and spacious aisles, have a good line of sight surface.

(2) against the wall face of the aisle, look at the main surface side, due to the small size, but also the common wall with the other booths, a small exhibition area, generally speaking, stand against the wall should not be too much decoration, but should be based on the exhibits on display mainly, showing corporate image. To make it visible in a row in the booth, people lighting and other design elements. And you can take full advantage of using POP to show bright colors, special materials, and attracted tourists eye lighting design.