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It Is Necessary To Pay Attention To The Selection Of Acrylic Acrylic Box
Jul 04, 2017

It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of acrylic Acrylic Box

In the production process, acrylic storage box can be made of silk, radium, flame polishing, plate printing, hot bending, etc. These characteristics are difficult to achieve through traditional industrial injection molding. And acrylic sheet receive a case of toughness strength and the degree of acid and alkali resistance than endurance plate and the market of PET reinforcement plate is less than, by contrast are very easy to break and crack, such as resistance to impact and hot bending effect.

First, pay attention to the transmittance of the acrylic display frame during the purchase. Because the good acrylic Acrylic Box material has the excellent transmittance, the superior acrylic Acrylic Box usually has good light transmittance. Second, observe the color of the display rack. The high-quality acrylic Acrylic Box is uniform in color and integrity, which should be paid attention to when shopping.

Again, the material thickness is also a simple measure of the quality of acrylic. Because of the material used in acrylic Acrylic Box, its thickness must be different. Buyers can identify the quality of this product by comparing the thickness of the standard acrylic display frame.

In addition, you can also judge the quality of the acrylic by touching the box. The surface of high-quality acrylic display frame is smooth and smooth, Acrylic Box feel good, and won't leave finger print or other trace easily. At the same time, acrylic play to receive a case of the design and production space is very large, the key is how to in business skilful use of combination design, this is the acrylic receive a case design and production enterprises are most concerned about the industry and actively explore.

Acrylic receive a case today, serious product homogeneity, fabrication plant scale such as intensive heaven rain, no original precedent, are fake, the dazzling yakeli receive a case in the market, consumers not only no surprises, too much is frightened and test.

Please take a look at an example. What does this example give you? Mr Surnamed huang moans in my place, a few days ago in taobao selected several sets of acrylic receive a case products, Acrylic Box but also found that there are several all have the same products, and the price than a person just can't hold it, Mr Huang thought looked at about the same, is to buy cheap, of course. The result came home to assemble a look, work and ideal differ very far.

Above case believes that many online acrylic can receive a case of the customers can feel deeply, to a to determine prices, and unconsciously made a mistake, "a price points a points goods" embodies the streaming more completely, this sentence is better than our words, Acrylic Box such case is better than any speech, in a word, acrylic receive a case quality is different, the price must be different. Quality is proportional to price.

We remind friends, although acrylic boxes, appearance for homogeneity serious today, Acrylic Box it hasn't been a surprise, but from raw material quality difference is very big, so the quality of the raw materials cost became kidnap you decide the murderer. Strength and the service is also reference price factors, the principle is very simple and clear, acrylic receive a case manufacturer invested a huge sum of money on the service and the power to guarantee the quality of the customer, the customer here to enjoy the other without the level of service, you also should take some value service costs, make enterprise if not for profit, Acrylic Box I'm afraid no one business, free service has its limits.