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Show The Impact Of The Price Of The Display Cabinet
Oct 13, 2017

Show the impact of the price of the Display Cabinet
Often do showcase procurement personnel will certainly be some emotion, why a showcase of seemingly insignificant price will be so high it, why the same size as the Display Cabinets of different materials prices differ so much? In fact, for the Display Cabinet price, not only the buyers are more concerned about is the manufacturer is also very concerned about. So, what factors on the market now affect the display of the height of the showcase?
First, the impact of cost on the price
The level of cost is the most unacceptable factor. The cost here is mainly refers to labor costs and material costs. With the current economic level, labor costs in the current production of the proportion of more and more workers, workers rising wages are also destined to produce the distribution of labor costs of labor. In the material, different drawings size and material requirements need to use different hardware, lamps, decoration and production of structural materials, the difference between the material also caused the price difference between finished products.
Second, the impact of the cost of the price
The cost factors that affect the Display Cabinet price include installation and transportation costs. Display Cabinet installed in the mall is usually a race against time, erector installation work is very time-consuming, there is no installation costs several hundred dollars is stuck atop catch those complex design and installation of complex showcase its installation fee is expensive The Display Cabinets from the manufacturers to the business stores are generally to go through the transport of goods, logistics costs can not be avoided, as to the level of the difference between the area.
Third, the impact of profits on the price
Display Cabinet manufacturing is always profitable, as the Display Cabinet price of profit control depends on the manufacturers of the attitude of the. As a labor-intensive industry, the production of high-volume production of the general control of the lower profits, if a single production, then the profits are great.
Fourth, the impact of custom on the price
Some customers because their products are designed and manufactured its own, unlike most products on the market, and the product between different brands of products also differ widely, so the Display Cabinets are customized, which is personnel the cost will increase to the appearance of a lot of experienced designers, and structural designers, production Shihai going to cut different mold, which in turn will increase the cost of some, if not tailored, buy a market-oriented exhibition, that Will be cheaper.
Food Display Cabinets are a common Display Cabinet products, supermarkets, shopping malls and large and small shops have the shadow of food display, it is closely linked with our living environment, is an indispensable display tool.
General lots of food Display Cabinets used primarily appeal to people's visual and auditory experience, it also constitutes an important aspect of the city's cultural landscape, it is necessary to pay full attention to the concept of environmental showcase, so in the design process must also be whole space To consider the integrated design. According to the food Display Cabinets where the environment of the building, color and other multi-faceted features to conduct a comprehensive study to meet the requirements of urban planning and use of food products, otherwise it will produce chaotic feeling.
Marketing experts said that on the one hand, with the improvement of the overall living standards of the people, consumer awareness of higher and higher rights, the Display Cabinet dealers to provide the service requirements are extremely harsh. In such a market situation, the Display Cabinet dealers in order to break out in the market competition, to win the recognition of consumers, in addition to marketing strategy, brand, the most fundamental or to do business integrity. On the other hand, high-quality Display Cabinets dealers more firmly believe that "words will be letter, will be fruit" principle, to comply with business rules, to maintain business order, speak count, work in place, practice commitment.