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Showcase Flow Profile
Jun 24, 2016

(1) rotating display cabinets, pedestal mounted electric motor, the large rotary table can be placed car, small ornaments can be placed jewelry, mobile phones, computers, etc. The advantage is that the viewer can watch the full range of exhibits, regardless of the location of the audience have the opportunity to watch are equal, this can improve the utilization of the exhibition and its full value.

(2) rotating frame, rotating frame mainly in the vertical plane of rotation, which is that it can take full advantage of the benefits of high-level space.

(3) electric model, humanoid, animal, machine and electric vehicles made available model display cabinets, so that in accordance with the need to demonstrate and exercise, such as through the cave train, car across the bridge, launch rockets, Lin the roar of birds and animals, to see the great small, to create a lively atmosphere, enhance the viewer's perception and fun.

(4) the robot waiter, by turning the robot, walking, stream, or do something for the audience to set a simple service programs, speak, issued music with the audience to pay more to make vivid impressions and full of fun.