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Showcase Installation Site Precautions
Jun 06, 2017

Showcase installation site precautions

  1. site booth construction

  Display Cabinet The construction of the site determines whether the project design has been achieved. There are a lot of exhibition companies only focus on the design does not pay attention to build, resulting in customer dissatisfaction, which is the exhibition service customers often have to replace the reasons for the supplier. Generally in the construction of the customer will be in the field layout display cabinets and exhibits, this time the best responsible for the project's business service personnel to the scene accompanied, if necessary, the designer can also supervise the construction site, and with the customer instant communication The Although the actual effect can not be immediately reflected, but many customers want to get such a service. If the business staff do have a reason not in the scene, should be responsible for the structure of the contacts introduced to the customer.

  2. Processing site addition, change the project

  Display Cabinet The scene often there will be some design itself did not expect the situation, and customers will temporarily put forward some requirements. If it is due to the company's own reasons, should be changed in a timely manner, if the customer is additional, should ensure that the first to meet their reasonable requirements, while the additional part of the customer request to add to the total project money.

  3. With the customer exhibits approach

  In practice, it is often the first layout of the booth layout and then arrange the exhibits admission, the scene of the staff must pay attention to customer service, with its exhibits approach.

  4. Customer acceptance

  Display Cabinet After the completion of the installation and installation of all the display cabinets, the cleaning of the display cabinet should be carried out until the end of our work and the customer acceptance is completed.

  Display cabinets as a carrier in the display of exhibits, its performance can be considered from the following aspects:

  (1) as part of the overall element, not only with the overall design style echoes, to the audience a strong sense of the whole, but also to meet the space constraints in the booth to maximize the use of space. Such as display cabinet color design.

  (2) as the main carrier of the display items, it not only with the characteristics of goods, style, consistent with the maximum efficiency of the items displayed to the audience target, while some special display items also play a protective role. Such as display cabinet style design.

  (3) commercial exhibition design as part of business activities, in meeting the above requirements under the premise of taking into account the customer's display cabinet production cost requirements.