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Teach You Acrylic Jewelry Display To Keep The Beautiful Appearance Of The Six Coup
Sep 13, 2017

Teach you Acrylic Jewelry Display to keep the beautiful appearance of the six coup
    Acrylic Jewelry Display is an important adjunct to highlight the effectiveness of the product, so it is necessary to ensure that it is clean, but now the cleaning agents are chemicals, Acrylic Jewelry Display on how much damage. Then there is no way to be both clean and can make it "beautiful" appearance? In this regard, the experts gave the following six small coup.
    1, white vinegar cleaning method: with white vinegar and hot water to 1: 1 ratio of mixing to gently wipe Acrylic Jewelry Display surface stains, if the stain is more difficult to remove, you can let the vinegar slightly stay on the surface of the stain, and then Rub with a piece of soft cloth. Because acetic acid can soften dirt from the Acrylic Jewelry Display surface. This method is suitable for the maintenance of acacia Acrylic Jewelry Display, and other Acrylic Jewelry Display, which is contaminated with ink and other stains.
    Second, the tea cleaning method: paint Acrylic Jewelry Display contaminated with dust, gauze can be wrapped with slightly wet tea leaves wipe, or scrub with a dry cloth dip cold tea, it will make commercial furniture particularly bright and clean. But after wiping Acrylic Jewelry Display with tea, remember to wipe the tea with a damp cloth dampened with water. Because the tea is usually tea stains, leaving the paint surface will affect the original color Acrylic Jewelry Display.
    Third, the lemon cleaning method: If polished or on the varnish wood Acrylic Jewelry Display, inadvertently hot to leave the hot marks, you can first use lemon slices, or dipped in lemon juice wipes wipe, and then dip Hot water soft cloth to wipe, and finally dry with a soft cloth quickly dry, you can restore the original light.
    Fourth, the milk cleaning method: with a clean cloth into the milk soaked, and then use this rag to wipe the table and other wooden Acrylic Jewelry Display, remove the dirt effect is very good. Finally remember to wipe the water again, otherwise there will be milk residue milk. This method is suitable for a variety of cortex, paint, marble, Polaroid, etc. Acrylic Jewelry Display.
    5, iodine cleaning method: wooden Acrylic Jewelry Display surface is likely to leave hot marks, do not panic, under normal circumstances, as long as the timely wiping with a rag can be removed. But if the hot mark is too deep, you can wipe with the iodine gently on top, or put the Vaseline oil on top of the next day and then wipe with a soft cloth can eliminate the hot mark.
    Six, toothpaste cleaning method: Acrylic Jewelry Display surface of the white paint, the day will be yellowed, not only look old, and the feeling is also very refreshing. You can use a rag dipped in toothpaste or toothpaste gently deposited in the above, the use of toothpaste bleaching effect, Acrylic Jewelry Display paint color can be yellow to white. But do not rub hard when wiping, because the toothpaste powder in the friction agent will wear off the paint, will damage the surface of Acrylic Jewelry Display.
Now the production of hood display stand is not the overall shape, it is necessary to separate molding, and then made by splicing. And now the common display shelf material bonding method there are two:
One is glue bonding, which refers to the use of adhesives to wood parts and parts of a way to join together. Different kinds of rubber gluing performance will be different, and a reasonable choice. And glue bonding often play a supporting role in other ways of joining. Need to be based on different levels of technology requirements, and looks beautiful.
The other is the tenon joint, which refers to the tenon into the mortise or the tongue and groove of the way of joining, connecting the joint and the combination of wood and screw connection joint is the use of a variety of special special connections, mostly Acrylic Jewelry Display board Section. This combination can be multiple demolition, loose can be directly tightened.
 To make Acrylic Jewelry Display better, the most important step is to paint. According to the kitchen and toilet Acrylic Jewelry Display manufacturers master of the production, different paint it is different coating method, and its commonly used paint mainly wood surface oil and oil two. These two kinds of paint brushing way are this:
    First, Acrylic Jewelry Display wooden surface mixed with the construction of oil: clean up the grass-roots debris, but also the local putty embedded, playing sandpaper should be polished along the wood grain. In the brush before the surface layer, the application of paint (shellac paint) on the larger color and lime of the knives at the back cover. Should be in the grass-roots coating of dry oil or clear, brushing dry oil to all parts of the uniform brush, can not leak brush. Base oil dry, full scratch the first pass putty, dry sandpaper after hand grinding, and then make up high-strength putty, putty to pick silk does not fall prevail. When brushing the surface paint, it should be polished with fine sandpaper.
    Second, the oil brushing the construction: the first Acrylic Jewelry Display surface dust, oil and other impurities removed clean. On the oil powder is also an important process of varnish brushing, construction with cotton silk dipped in oil powder applied to the surface of the wood, rub back and forth by hand, the oil rubbed into the Acrylic Jewelry Display. Brush the oil, the oil brush to be easy and natural, fingers gently force to move when not loose, do not brush as the standard. Brushing in accordance with the dipped in more than one, each time less dipped in oil, the operation of the ground, Shun brush requirements, in accordance with the first on the next, the first difficult after the first left after the right, the first outside the order and horizontal brush Vertical operation method construction.