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The Design Principles And Characteristics Of The Display Stand Design
Aug 23, 2017

The design principles and characteristics of the Display Stand design
1 first consider the size of the warehouse volume, as well as the volume of goods, weight, size, forklift loading and unloading is convenient, whether the impact of forklift damage to the display stand, and seismic intensity of protection;
2 Second, consider whether there is enough space between the goods on the Display Stand, whether to stay out of the fire channel, the operation of the workers is convenient and effort.
3 Finally consider what kind of steel, the surface how to do rust treatment and so on. To ensure that the Display Standto meet the needs of the same time, reduce the cost of the display and cost.
In addition, the issues that should be taken into account are:
1 display the use of the requirements, the nature of the load, whether to meet the full requirements of the stored goods, assembly is convenient, whether the loading and unloading of goods is easy and so on and the size of the display, the gap can meet the needs of the warehouse.
2 to show whether the resistance and fire resistance of the Display Standand the shock resistance meet the existing conditions of the warehouse test, according to the type of goods to consider the display of the lock device, such as bolt lock or screw fastening, if damaged, Convenient. In addition, the display of the four corners of the column should be fixed on the basis of concrete. The Display Standand the floor are to be used with embedded parts, or fixed on the ground with chemical bolts, which are designed for heavy duty displays because the heavy Display Standis larger and fixed on the ground to help keep the Display StandOf the stability, to prevent the tilt. In addition to help shock, and can handle the impact of loading and unloading machinery on the display.
3 must be in the display rack according to the type of goods set a conspicuous mark to facilitate the staff to check gaps, each label area should not be less than 20 square centimeters, should be based on the maximum unit load to set the font clarity and color. The maximum load mark (kg) for each layer, the maximum allowable load, the number of unit loads allowed per shelf, and so on.
Display Standin general or stainless steel products and iron products and some alloy products, with metal display rack will be more solid. But the metal will be more or less rusty, then we usually conservation is very important. Hefei Display Standfor everyone to introduce two kinds of display shelves of conservation measures, take a look.
(A) Display Stand plastic storage is the application of plastic on the water vapor and air corrosive substances in a high degree of cut off the performance of the equipment, metal products in the environment to produce corruption. Common methods are as follows:
(1) plastic film sealing plastic film directly in a dry environment, packaging metal products, or sealed into the drying agent to connect the long-term dry metal products, without corrosion.
(2) shrink film sealing is the film longitudinal or transverse stretching several times, processed into a tightening film, making packaging products, it will be tightly attached to the appearance of goods, both rust and can eliminate the packaging volume.
(3) Display Stand peelable plastic storage so the plastic material to become molybdenum, participate in plasticizers, stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors and anti-mildew and other heating heat to melt or dissolved, sprayed on the metal surface, to be cooled or volatile after the metal surface can be Forming a masking film.
(2) Display Stand oil rust It is painted in the metal surface of a layer of grease film, so that the goods in an affirmative degree with the air off to achieve the purpose of rust, this method saves time and effort, saving, convenient and rust Better performance. Oil-coated rust-proof is usually accepted by stacking, according to the package or by piece oil seal. Oil must be cleaned before the appearance of metal dust, dirt, Display Stand oil and oil packaging to be timely packaging.
Commonly used oil-soluble corrosion inhibitor kerosene sulfonic acid, barium dinonylnaphthalene sulfonate, aluminum stearate, lanolin and its pancreas and so on.