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The Role Of Color In The Display Stand
Aug 14, 2017

The role of color in the Display Stand
    In the production of the Display Stand, we usually will be based on some of the actual situation with the corresponding color, which for the display of the design to increase the difficulty, but why design color? This has to say that the color for the role of the display, the following to introduce the color in the Display Stand in the role.
    First, the feast for the eyes color, unity and harmony of the tone, full of rhythm, rhythm of the color combination of sequence, not only to beautify the goods, enhance the level of business environment, but also to the visual and spiritual comfort to the aesthetic effect.
Second, the color there is a very good regulatory role. Mainly including the adjustment of commercial space and temperature sense, display display production enterprises can be clever use of cool dark cold and quiet characteristics of hot and bright color of the active expansion of the characteristics of the business space to adjust the size of the adjustment of the environment to show the feeling of cold And the atmosphere.
    Third, the creation of color space should not only respect the requirements of people, but also should pay attention to people's psychological physiology and material requirements, for the creation of indoor space environment, color is the most important atmosphere and style of creation factors, the psychological role of color through Eyes get, such as in the red environment, giving a sense of heat, on the contrary, in the blue environment, will give a sense of quiet.
    Fourth, in the consumer goods shopping environment, people are often driven by a variety of dizzying new products, resulting in a strong impulse to buy. Different enterprises, different types of goods, the atmosphere of its display environment is different, this large environment and display the personality of the color tone of goods, because it can quickly act on people's psychology and emotions, so direct Affect the effect of the show site.
 There are many kinds of Display Stand, but the material is different. The general production of display materials are wood, stainless steel, iron, glass and the most popular acrylic material. So, what kind of material is produced on the Display Stand? Here are the introduction of some of these materials produced by the display, so we all understand.
    1, wood Display Stand
    The advantage is the structure can be adjusted, can make a variety of design effects, and showcase production materials prices are moderate. The disadvantage is the heavier material, made out of light, not suitable for showcase mobile out.
    2, stainless steel material Display Stand
    Advantages are resistant to deformation, high strength, good wear resistance, high hardness, no rust, after polishing up to high brightness effect. Disadvantage is the structure is not strong, more difficult to make abstract graphics effects, easier to dye Finger mold, to always clean.
    3, iron material Display Stand
    The advantage is the material price is low, the material is light. The disadvantage is that the structural change is not big, it is difficult to make a variety of effects, if the overall display cabinet materials are made with iron material to the lack of design taste.
4, glass Display Stand
    The advantage is that the material is inexpensive and has a permeable effect. The disadvantage is that the material is heavy and fragile.
    5, acrylic Display Stand
    The advantage is a transparent crystal effect, relative to the external climate weatherability relative to the acidity of ammonia, sulfuric acid, is a certain durability, distortion or contraction and other aspects of anti-deformation ability of the showcase production materials, the disadvantage is the material than Heavy, fragile, expensive.Therefore, when the showcase display to design what kind of showcase materials can fully reflect the characteristics of their products to make it better display to the customer.
    What kind of material is produced in the Display Stand? Through the above description, we can compare out, with acrylic material to do the display is one of the preferred. And the acrylic Display Stand with waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-variant performance, make up for the iron frame, plastic and other exhibits the lack of. Acrylic Display Stand often have good service life, but also has excellent aesthetic effects, and easy to clean features, making the acrylic display in the use of more able to maintain a good display performance.