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The Role Of Stainless Steel In The Display Stand
Sep 05, 2017

The role of stainless steel in the Display Stand
Speaking of stainless steel, people can quickly think of a variety of stainless steel for the material of the supplies and public facilities, but this material applied to the showcase, Display Stand, display props and continue to be used by designers, or with the recent years High-end Display Stand, display the emergence of props and the emergence of a variety of design styles and appear.
Business show design concept of improvement and change, will also make the design effort to use more richer materials, more changes in the material with the display space is more beautiful, more exciting, on this basis, stainless steel also gradually show its Show the advantages of the design side.
Stainless steel with its cold texture, calm color, stable physical and chemical properties, determined shape characteristics, in the Display Stand, display props decorated with a very important decorative role.
With stainless steel material to do the Display Stand, display props because of its more expensive materials, complex workmanship, generally used for high-end display space and high-end products to use, on its decorative effect, the design is its most prominent selling point, how to stainless steel unique Material temperament manifested, and to show, to express the noble display effect, fine to do is very important.
The fine workmanship determines the quality of the Display Stand, good display must be inseparable from Seiko secret agents. A good design is inseparable from the elaborate craftsmanship.
As a result of stainless steel special material temperament, using it as a high-end display space, Display Stand, display props material selection, is to showcase the space atmosphere, improve the display effect, enrich and improve the best means of material changes.
Stainless steel mirror in the cold steel material and wood paint with the formation, with the glass hard and transparent texture with, and the leather with a variety of materials such as the formation of a wealth of display, and in a variety of lighting under the formation of a variety of reflective effects, Frame, display props design the best choice.
In addition, stainless steel can also have drawing effect, but also can be plated with titanium, rose gold, black steel and other material effects, can be applied to jewelry Display Stand, display cabinets, high-end watch Display Stand.
The iron Display Stand has its durable and durable features. In general, the daily wear and tear can make it more shows the antique charm, but this is not to say that the iron Display Stand without maintenance. Iron display rack because of its material and the particularity of the process, determines its maintenance and maintenance also has a special place:
First, outdoor iron Display Stand
Outdoor iron Display Stand in the selection of materials required to do rust, wear, corrosion resistance, anti-exposure and so on. Generally speaking, in the production process manufacturers have taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment, so users only need to look for the well-known manufacturers, do not seek cheap to buy some quality unqualified on the line. But the following points must be done:
1. dust removal
Outdoor dust a lot, a long time, the display surface will have a layer of dust. It will affect the effect of the display, a long time will lead to the display shelf protective film damage. So the outdoor iron display rack should be regularly wiped, generally wipe with a soft cotton fabric as well.
2. moisture.
North, you can rest assured that the iron Display Stand rust. In every foggy weather, with a dry cotton cloth to remove the water on the display shelf; every rain, should be stopped after the rain in time to dry the water can. South select the Display Stand must pay attention to the selection of steel models.
Second, the indoor iron Display Stand
1. Avoid bumps.
This is the first time you want to pay attention to the purchase of iron Display Stand, the Display Stand in the handling process should be careful; place the Display Stand should be hard to meet the place; place once selected Should not be frequent changes; placed on the display of the ground should also be flat, so that the Display Stand four legs stable, if shaken instability, the display will produce a slight deformation, affecting the display shelf life.
2. Clean dust.
It is best to use cotton knitwear for the rag, wipe the surface of the display. Pay attention to the shelves of the depression and embossed decoration in the dust.