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The Role Of The Display Standd And Routine Maintenance
Jun 19, 2017

The role of the Display Standd and routine maintenance
First, the role of Display Standd
1, the display is a shelf structure, can take full advantage of the warehouse space, improve storage capacity, expand the storage capacity of the warehouse. This is also the core value of the Display Standd, through the role of Display Standd, greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing management, which can greatly save the user's use of the cost, and also to the goods for good management.

2, into the display of the goods, not squeeze each other, the material loss is small, can guarantee the integrity of the material itself, reduce the loss of goods. In the past, often due to a variety of reasons leading to damage to the goods, so for the user is very unfavorable, it is because the display frame has the role of protection of goods, can greatly reduce the user's loss.

3, the display of goods in the shelf, easy access, easy to inventory and measurement, can be done first-in first out. Improve the efficiency of the management of goods is also an important role in the display, the staff can be very clear on the inventory of goods, greatly improving work efficiency.
4, to ensure the quality of storage of goods, you can take moisture, dust, security, anti-sabotage and other measures to improve the quality of material storage.

5, a lot of new display structure and function of the warehouse is conducive to the mechanization and automation management. The future development of the warehouse will be toward the direction of automation, intelligent development, and now with a lot of Anhui display rack manufacturers of production technology continues to progress, many new structure of the display rack constantly flock to the market, and the function is also great Of the progress, for the realization of the warehouse automation management is very meaningful.
Second, the display of the daily maintenance

1, clean

Equipment inside and outside the whole mine machinery clean, the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, oil hole, etc. no oil, the parts do not leak, no leakage, equipment around the chip, debris, dirt mechanical engineer Clean and clean. The effect of cleaning on the display is very large, and the usual cleaning work can greatly extend the life of the Display Standd.

2, neatly

Tools, accessories, artifacts (products) to be neatly placed, pipelines, lines to be organized, the neatly placed tools can effectively improve the efficiency of the Display Standd.
3, good lubrication
Lubrication for the role of the display is also very large, so for the staff, must be on time fuel or oil change, to ensure continuous oil, dry powder phenomenon, normal oil pressure, oil standard bright, smooth oil.