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The Three Factors In The Design Of Display Stand The Mall
Oct 25, 2017

The three factors in the design of Display Stand the Mall
With the progress of society, people's demand for quality of life has been further improved, all kinds of beautiful Display Stand also gradually into the people's life circle, to a flat product display platform, and boutique Display Stand beautiful style, elegant Has a good decorative effect, quality Display Stand so that the product to play a different charm. As a result, the demand for Display Stand is growing.
Good Display Stand design directly affect the brand's terminal sales, so the brand in the choice of Display Stand design manufacturers, the design and manufacturing capabilities are worthy of serious consideration.
As the Display Stand industry practitioners for more than a decade of Juyuan show that to design a shopping center Display Stand, mainly in the following three factors:
1, beauty factors
The aesthetic factors are mainly reflected in the relative position of the Display Stand itself and the balance and stability of the relative position of the Display Stand and the placement. Stability and balance of the excellent words to better give consumers the idea of the brand would like to express, the overall sense of a variety of points, such as relaxed and elegant or elegant solemn and so on.
Then Display Stand design process, Juyuan Display Stand design team will focus on the above two factors at the same time, but also pay attention to stores, brands, products, users of all aspects of coordination, and from the point, line, surface to better To show Display Stand design, innovative drive mechanism to produce creative Display Stand to make the brand in the store stand out.
Solve these relatively difficult problems, Display Stand design in the details of the place should also be perfect, such as to solve the Display Stand practicality, so that brand promoters easy to operate, but also to allow consumers to easily see the product information and Easy to obtain; for example, to solve the Display Stand environmental issues, Display Stand as a store directly with large quantities of people in contact, its environmental protection must be done;
2, regional factors
Display Stand design process must take into account the regional factors mainly refers to the Display Stand shape and the size of the various parts of the arrangement between the location of these features to the initial perception that Display Stand design process should take into account the primary factors.
Of course, the regional factors, of course, including Display Stand and place the fit between the position and Display Stand color and underwear products, placement, lighting and other aspects of coordination. This is consistent with the concept of color science, to help make a variety of colors with more coordination, and product positioning to determine the user to give the visual senses to the solemn sense of modern fashion? Cenozoic or other Positioning to coordinate with Display Stand design colors, embodied in the product and Display Stand coordination to give people a logical sense, rather than a greater disjunction between the two, so that consumers will be difficult In the different store information on your product memory profound.
3, furnishings factors
The brand is not only the object of furnishings and sales, but also the integration of these goods into the store atmosphere, and in the store as an indispensable role, the furnishings of the furnishings not only in the store to show a static information, and great The degree will be converted to visual dynamic information, affecting consumer behavior, therefore, Display Stand design and product furnishings with each other integration, making Display Stand and product furnishings revealed between the product marketing smell, so the successful product display and Display Stand Itself is a "static salesman".
In the grasp of the information on the premise of the Display Stand design, the principle is: to sort out the focus of the promotion of goods and key recommendation of the goods, classified high-end, mid-range, to resist the product, in the furnishings with the primary and secondary principles of furnishings , For the key commodities to give a prominent position, giving a strong visual experience. Only to fully consider the above issues, good communication, step by step Display Stand design, in order to superior products.
Through the above factors, I believe your brand Display Stand design effect will improve a lot.