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The Use Of Acrylic Jewelry Display In The Process
Oct 25, 2017

the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display in the process
We know that the Acrylic Jewelry Display of the sensitivity of the temperature is very strong, if the case of high temperatures, the Acrylic Jewelry Display may be deformed, and some Acrylic Jewelry Display may be placed outdoors, or lifted to high temperatures, then how to improve the acrylic Is the heat resistance of the display stand?
In fact, there are many ways to improve the heat resistance of acrylic, each method also has its own advantages and disadvantages, and some methods to improve the acrylic heat, maintain transparency at the same time, will make other performance. In order to improve the heat resistance and other properties of the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame, it is sometimes necessary to use a variety of improved methods simultaneously.
There are still a lot of materials scholars continue to work hard, hoping to develop a high-performance Acrylic Jewelry Display, thereby expanding its application to improve the economic benefits of Acrylic Jewelry Display, we are also looking forward to, if necessary, Acrylic Jewelry Display friends can with us contact.
Acrylic Jewelry Display is currently the most commonly used products in the field of props. Acrylic material made of the display has a good corrosion resistance and impact resistance, the effect of beautiful, reliable performance, has become the field recognized the best display of the production of materials. If you do not understand the characteristics of acrylic material, prolonged use and the lack of necessary maintenance of the Acrylic Jewelry Display rack will also be the case of deformation damage.
How to avoid deformation of the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame in order to maintain the excellent quality of Acrylic Jewelry Display rack, to extend its service life?
1. It is for the display frame to choose a flexible rubber gasket, for the bonding between the acrylic material to increase the necessary buffer.
2. Is the processing of acrylic sheet, the need to wear elliptical screw hole with the screw lock, to increase its strength and reduce the deformation.
3. Is the production of large load-bearing display stand, we should pay attention to the corresponding increase in sheet thickness, to avoid the load due to large deformation.
4. When installing a fixed Acrylic Jewelry Display, pay attention to reserve a certain degree of contraction and expansion gap, to prevent thermal expansion and contraction of the impact of the display.
5. It is possible to increase the impact strength of the acrylic sheet by thermoforming and to release the internal stress of the sheet.
6. Is the design according to the type of product display the right weight of the appropriate acrylic sheet, not too thin and not thick, to avoid the board due to load and product does not lead to deformation.
Senior design production staff generally in the design to the production of the whole process, we must consider in advance the deformation of the Acrylic Jewelry Display frame factors to the maximum extent possible to avoid the deformation of the Acrylic Jewelry Display, coupled with the use of reasonable later, so that the Acrylic Jewelry Display shelf long-term Keep an excellent posture.
Acrylic material with easy processing, good light transmission, good visual effects and other characteristics, the use of acrylic sheet production of Acrylic Jewelry Display frame beautiful appearance, crystal clear, in the product display can effectively improve the product display grade, highlighting the product brand image, thus Get a good eye attention. Therefore, the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display rack is growing, especially in cosmetics, jewelery, digital products, watches and other fields of glasses is widely used.
However, the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display in the process, because some users do not understand the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display of the relevant knowledge, to a certain extent, the impact of the display of Acrylic Jewelry Display display, exquisite display based on years of experience in the design of Acrylic Jewelry Display, Summed up the following points to analyze the use of Acrylic Jewelry Display Note.