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Three Factors Affecting The Design Effect Of Display Cabinet
Jun 26, 2017

Three Factors Affecting the Design Effect of Display Cabinet
 In order to maximize the attractiveness, attract customers, we must give full play to the designer's creative ability and rich imagination, to create a new aesthetic image of innovation. But the designer in the design should always consider some irresistible factors, the following manufacturers to analyze the impact of the Display Cabinet design effect of the three factors:
     1, furnishings factors: showcase design and product furnishings with each other integration, making the Display Cabinet and product display revealed between the product marketing smell, so the success of the product display and Display Cabinet itself is a "static salesman." At the same time pay attention to the classification of key sales of goods and key recommendation of the goods, classified high-end, mid-range, to resist the product, in the furnishings with the primary and secondary furnishings principle, for the key goods to give a prominent position, to give a strong visual experience The
     2, regional factors: regional factors not only include the Display Cabinet and place the fit between the display and Display Cabinet color and underwear products, placement, lighting and other aspects of coordination, but also take into account the size of the Display Cabinet As well as between the various parts of the layout and so on.
     3, beauty factors: mainly reflected in the relative position of the Display Cabinet and the relative position of the Display Cabinet and the placement of the relative position of the balance and stability, stability and balance of the excellent words to better convey to the consumer brand want to express The meaning of the overall sense of a variety of points, such as relaxed and elegant or elegant solemn and so on.
  Now with the continuous progress of science and technology, the type of material is constantly changing, it is because of this, it makes the kitchen and toilet members have added a member, that is, titanium alloy Display Cabinets. Perhaps everyone on this material Display Cabinets are not very understanding, the following just like kitchen and toilet Display Cabinet manufacturers to understand about it:
   Titanium alloy profile Display Cabinet of the main material for the titanium alloy, generally by the connection lock, glass care, spotlights, glass panels and mirrors, wood, aluminum or three-fiber plate composed of three, with easy disassembly, Permeability and other characteristics, and its glass can be freely adjusted, you can infinite connection, display excellent results. And its common colors are golden yellow, black, white, etc. (can also be selected by the user color), LOGO color selected by the user. And this display a wide range of applications, mainly for kitchen and toilet products, crafts, gifts, antiques, cultural relics, jewelry, jewelry and other industries of the product display.