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What Are The Advantages Of The Acrylic Display Stand?
Jun 06, 2017

 Acrylic Jewelry Display What are the advantages of the Acrylic Showcase? Acrylic display frame beautiful appearance, solid structure, assembly free, easy disassembly, transport convenience, coupled with a creative LOGO signs, so that the product eye-catching show in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of advertising products.

  Rich accessories, and each component can be recorded live installation, a variety of colors with today's packaging design of modern and contemporary sense is also very prominent problem. Relative to the commodity packaging is the first direct expression to the consumer characteristics, packaging must have their own era of representative. For example, today we can still see the Chinese Cultural Revolution during the packaging are mostly strong red packaging products. This is a period of time in the era of the impact of commodity packaging and commodity characteristics of the times reflect. And that the modern packaging, to discuss it is very broad.

  Modernity is determined by people's living standards and aesthetic concepts. I think that "modernity" is more than our current aesthetic level, for those who do not want to accept new things, "modern" is unpopular. But fortunately the idea of innovation is now deep around us. People have realized that there will be no development without innovation. So we are all accepting new things and accepting new ideas. So, now some very advanced design has gradually been accepted by everyone.

  Acrylic Jewelry Display However, we can not forget the traditional elements while accepting new things. Color, pattern and production materials on our predecessors gave us a lot of rich experience. Exquisite ceramic wine cans, with a national representative of the pattern, there are ethnic characteristics of the text. These can appear in the packaging design will give us a visual enjoyment. The packaging of goods is called "silent salesman", is an important part of the brand visual image design. Acrylic display shelf packaging elegant, noble, fine seven, first-class texture, combined with brand connotation and product characteristics, shaping the brand packaging personality , So that the whole piece of clothing embodies the brand image, product beauty experience, product selling point and so on.